MH 370 Update: Malaysians withholding information

Palau Perak

Palau Perak

As some have suspected because the official information contained discrepancies, the Malaysians were withholding vital information.  What else does the Malaysian military know about Flight 370 that they are keeping secret?

Why didn’t the authorities release this information before now?  Especially since it resulted in the waste of so many resources in the Gulf of Thailand and South China Sea for at least two full days.

In hindsight, it seems clear that they’ve known this information all along because it explains the timeline discrepancies and other “slips of the tongue”:

»The loss of primary radar contact at 2:40 EXACTLY matches what was initially reported by MAS in their very first statement (still on their website).

»This was subsequently modified to 1:21 when transponder signal was lost (as reported by FR24), and a seemingly plausible explanation was given that the 2:40 is to be understood as when Subang Centre notified MAS on the loss of communications.

»In a press conference on the 9th March, the Air Force chief already hinted that the aircraft ‘may have’ turned around.

»Clearly in the mean time significant SAR efforts have commenced in the Straits of Malacca, however in the past 2 days they were not commented on, or were dismissed with ‘we are exploring all possibilities’. Only after if became clear  to anyone with some knowledge that the search is now concentrated to the west of the Malay peninsula was the admission made.

The next question would be what else are they witholding? The aircraft was tracked with military Primary radar into The Straits of Malacca. So with all this Military technology brought into play, surely they must have a much better idea of where to look.  Is this newest revelation is yet another red herring?

Here is a map showing the position of the tiny island Pulau Perak which is said to be the “new” area of interest:



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